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Torre 400

Fact Sheet
Torre 400


Punta Pacifica


Panama City


high floor


272 m² / 2928 ft²


$ 640,000
Torre 400
Torre 400

Pre-Sale Prices!

This new project will be located in presitgious “Punta Pacifica” and will be part of the largest and most exclusive private residential development in Panama and Central America.

Prices start at $1,835 per m² or ($170/ft²). This pre-sale price is unbelievably low and will definitely increase once project marketing is officially released. Prices at neighboring Trump tower are $5,500/m² or $465/ft²

The Project

The Project community consists of an area of approximately 45,000 square meters and 300 lineal meters on the coastal side, with an everlasting view towards the sea. At Torre 400, you will live surrounded by large tropical gardens, picturesque sidewalks, a playground area for children, two tennis courts, beautiful fountains, wide streets and under-roof parking spaces for guests and much more.

This magnificent project will have the most strict safety measures, such as a large wall surrounding the entire perimeter of the project, access control, individual sentry boxes for each of the two apartment buildings, the main sentry box that will give you access towards the lots (unfamiliar units), to the Villas and the Big Clubhouse. At Torre 400, you will no never have to worry about your family’s safety!

In addition, you will have access to the Big Clubhouse that will have two Racquetball courts, two Squash courts, a gymnasium, an aerobics hall, sauna for Ladies and Gentlemen, a small store where you can obtain first-necessity articles without having to leave the residential complex.

Torre 400
Torre 400

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